new work

it has been a while since i have painted so tonight i decided to go big... this 2 ft x 3 ft painting was truly a blast to create! i hope you like it!



i will be here in 57 days.

A new band, good song, free -

see: coldwarkids.com and download "hospital beds."

a new poem

I see you as full
White arches.
Contours engaged, unfolded - rounded,
Volumes of light spilling over.
Remade in your ceaseless
Coming and going.

I see you there
Noumenon in phenomena.
Silent until you find me.
A map of you shifts
Through the space and light.
Dark pathways guide me towards you.

I see you there
Within a nameless landscape.
Patterns of you,
Parting fields and seas
In your touching.

I see you there
Within layers of form and substance.
And the textures of your delicate
Wick tears from my dry
And weathered soil

I see you there,
You touch me, and I know you
In all around me,
Filling my thoughts,
Blinding my eyes.

I see you always
And I cannot have you.
But with my wings I will engage you.
Leaning into you -
You catch me.
Carry me to other shores