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I discovered a way to post my playlists for all to see. This set includes some live songs from Feist and Kings of Convenience (some of my very favorite bands). If you like their stuff, please, go buy some of it! I also tossed in one song from a local band that is no longer together... This one is for you Fishooke! We miss you guys.

p.s. enjoy


Illustration Friday: Depth

Being sick this week and away during the weekend, I had no time to create new artwork. So, I have resorted to using one of my somewhat recent oil paintings. This painting is from Montserrat, in the hills above Barcelona, Spain. It is a beautiful place to visit... and a nice break from the city below.


Depart Earth. Just 5.78MB

The Messenger space craft captures images during earth departure. The images were then compiled into a short movie. Click here for the awe inducing sequence.


Roots: Illustration Friday

Entry for roots: I used ink and paper, added black background with Photoshop, and used the eraser to get the soft edges.

Check out these ninjas! Totally Sweet!

I must have been 7 or 8 yrs old that Christmas. In the early morning, with snow blanketing the ground, white light showered into the living room where the tree was wrapped in presents. Little did I know what an amazing day it was going to be. I popped out of bed at dawn, as many kids do on Christmas morning...

I was a simple kid. I loved my family, cars, G.I. Joe and playing outside. G. I. Joe was by far my favorite toy. I was a hound for the new figures, the new vehicles, and all the cool stuff they came with. Among all the cool G.I. Joe toys in existence I most prized two figures that were extremely difficult to find.

Okay, back to the story: ...I woke my parents and we all gathered at the tree to open gifts...and then it happened, I picked up an oddly shaped present and tore open the paper. Within it I found, back to back, brand-new mint-condition fricken ninja G.I. Joe action figures! When I opened that present I was dumbfounded. It was beyond belief. I had scoured Targets, Kmarts, Playworlds, and every other major toy store in my city for a year straight... looking, always looking for the two coolest action figures ever! Then, in this one present I discover both of my favorite G.I. Joe characters: Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. I guess my parents arrived at the store one night that December just as the delivery truck pulled up. My parents asked to examine the freshly trained recruits as they left the truck and entered retail. That night they found both rare figures and cleverly wrapped them together, making it my best Christmas gift of all time! Perhaps I exaggerate a little, but hey, why not!

So, if you have either of these dudes in a box under the stairs or something, let me know. It would be quite a treat to get a hold of them again. It was a long time ago that I gave my whole collection to one of the younger neighbor kids who ended up destroying them all! Oh well, it was time.


ARS bundles links for Katrina assistance

Head over to this arstechnica article for a lot of good info and many avenues to help.